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Salem-Keizer Athletics focuses on excellence in academics, leadership, character development and competition as a vital part of student achievement.

Walker's Athletics Program

Walker Cross Country

Fall Sports


  • Open to 7th & 8th graders
  • August – October


  • Open to 7th & 8th grade girls
  • September – October

Cross Country

  • Open to all grades
  • September – October
Referee crouches down to call the pin in a wrestling match.

Winter Sports


  • Open to all grades
  • January – February
Close up of soccer ball and foot about to kick it.

Spring Sports


  • Open to all grades
  • February - March 

Track & Field

  • Open to all grades
  • April – May


  • Open to all grades
  • April - May

Physicals Are Required Every Two Years

State law requires students in grades 7-12 participating in school athletics get a physical every two years. Students participating in pre-season activities connected to school-sponsored athletics should get a physical over the summer if they have not had one in the last two years.


Students participating in athletics are required to be covered by medical insurance, either by a family plan or school insurance.  

Participation Fees

First sport = $40.00

Second sport = $40.00

Third sport or more = No Charge

**Participation fees are due prior to the first practice.

**Students with financial barriers who qualify can pay a reduced cost of $20.00 per sport.

If you need any help with registration please contact the school office at 503-399-3220. 

Discount Application for Sports Fees