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School Supplies List for Walker Students

School Supplies

Walker Middle School –  School Supply Recommendations

Backpack-able to fit in locker

Wired Earbuds

3 Ring Binder-3 inch

5 Tab Dividers for Binder

*College Ruled Spirals (6)

*College Ruled Composition Book (4-6)

*¼ inch Graph Spiral (1-2)

Ball Point Pens (no gel pens or permanent markers)

Highlighter Pens (2 colors)

No. 2 Pencils-purchase plenty for the entire year


Set of 24 Colored Pencils

Pencil Pouch

Ruler with standard and metric

Box of Tissue – to be given to your 1st period teacher


Please remember to replenish your students supplies EACH TRIMESTER as needed.

*The Walker office sales the following items throughout the year:

College Ruled Composition Books

College Ruled Spirals

Graph Spirals – ¼ inch

Teachers of some subjects may request additional items.