Salem-Keizer Middle School Fall Festival of Choirs

Salem-Keizer Middle Schools came together for a district wide Middle School Fall Choir Festival on November 8th. The event was organized by Lucas Anderson from Adam Steven Middle School. Music was written and directed by Andy Thomas of Whiteaker Middle School and Josh Rist of McNary High School. According to Walker Choir Director Becca Hollen, “It was an amazing day of music-making that brought us together”. Check out the YouTube video link below.

Parent Club Officers Elected

A parent club meeting was held October 25th at Walker Middle School.  The primary purpose of the meeting was to elect Officers for the 2016-2017 school year. Thank you to all of our parents who volunteered to run and serve in officer roles this school year! As a result, the following parents were elected into the following Parent Club offices:

  • Kalena Plath – President
  • Michelle Garber – Vice President
  • Dawn Brown- Secretary/Treasurer
  • Traci Earhart & Sandra Heaton – Volunteer Coordinator
  • Tanya Karvandi – Member at Large/8th grade part

2016-17 Parent Club Meetings have been set for the following dates to begin at 6:30 pm in the Walker Library.

  • Wednesday, November 9th
  • Tuesday, December 6th
  • Wednesday, January 11th
  • Wednesday, February 8th
  • Wednesday, March 8th
  • Wednesday, April 12th
  • Wednesday, May 10th

Thank you to all parents who attended and participated in the elections! We look forward to partnering with our parents this coming year.